Steam Turbine Efficiency

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ALSTOM Power Service is a major actor in the power generation business, designing, manufacturing, and servicing steam turbines in 80 countries around the globe. We provide you with state-of-the-art equipment and unrivalled customer service for your steam power plant.

ALSTOM’s teams of specialists have a profound knowledge of numerous power generation systems, both with back-pressure or condensing turbines. This includes simple cycle systems, as well as waste heat steam generators.

Maintenance and components replacement belong to our core competencies. If you require a new turbine blade or adjustment with your steam generator, ALSTOM will help you.

If you want to improve the efficiency of your steam surface condenser, for example, or modernize your steam transformer unit, ALSTOM Power Service is also up to the task: with thorough knowledge and experience in plant optimisation, we have the know-how to help you upgrade components, so that your equipment stays competitive.

We have designed typical retrofitting solutions, to replace your outdated components by state-of-the art technology. Whether replacing entire turbine modules, or just specific steam path components, ALSTOM will offer you better performance and financial benefits.

And to offer you even more control over your maintenance process, we let you choose the role we play in it. Our clients can decide on the exact scope of their Long-Term Service Agreements, from simple parts handling to full outage management.

It is by constantly striving for such excellence, both in manufacturing and in servicing, that ALSTOM has equipped the largest fleet on the market. ALSTOM turbines generate more than 420GW, nearly a quarter of the world’s total.

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