Generator Excitation

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ALSTOM Power Service is a key player in the power generation market, maintaining alternators for customers all around the world. With advanced technology that provides superior efficiency and high availability, ALSTOM’s solutions are in a class of their own.

Our services cater for numerous tubogenerator systems, including air-cooling, indirect H2-cooling, and H2/H2O cooling generators. We also maintain the Powerformer generator, whose high voltage cables technology makes it possible to deliver power directly to the grid.

ALSTOM’s teams of skilled and motivated technicians provide assistance for numerous generator applications. Be it industrial plants, co-generation plants and waste heat recovery applications, gas power plants, steam power plants or nuclear power plants, ALSTOM is geared up to offer you optimal support.

Our traditional maintenance services include rewinding of generator rotors, stators and exciters, and the replacement of any major generator component, including rotors, stators, and exciters. We can refurbish and upgrade any mechanical or electrical auxiliary system.

To further increase your performance, ALSTOM Power Service has designed retrofit, modification or rehabilitation programs. With our generator upgrade solutions, we can satisfy the increasing demand of better control equipment, especially in the fields of generator excitation and protection.

And to give you even more control over your maintenance process, we offer individual Long-Term Service Agreements. Our clients can decide on the exact scope of their customized performance contracts, from simple parts handling to full outage management.

It is by constantly striving for such excellence, both in manufacturing and in servicing, that ALSTOM has equipped the largest fleet on the market.

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