Electrical Balance Of Plant

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ALSTOM Power Service is a key player in the power generation industry. All around the globe, we offer both best–in-class systems and irreproachable customer service.

ALSTOM supplies power plant equipment for a large number of industrial applications. Whether for combined cycle plants, cogeneration systems, supercritical power plants, or virtually any configuration, we provide a large choice of services, for both core components, like turbines or boilers, and instrumentation and control units.

Moreover, we also offer world-leading environmental services and produce high-tech air pollution control systems that set standards for the industry. We can supply Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) systems, and DENOX Selective Catalytic Reduction solutions (SCR), and Cost-efficient, customised fabric filters.

But beyond our reliable power plant equipments and our high-tech cleaning processes, ALSTOM is also a first-class service provider, committed to bringing you high quality assistance and effective plant maintenance.

Besides traditional maintenance and plant life extension, ALSTOM has designed retrofit, modification or rehabilitation programs, to further enhance your performance and support you in your optimisation efforts. With our upgrade solutions and improvement packages, your installation will be equipped with the latest, most competitive technology.

With our flexible Long-Term Service Agreements, we give you the opportunity to determine precisely our implication in your maintenance process. Be it simple part replacement or complete outage management, you make the decision.

We have at your disposal a wide range of training programs suitable for your whole workforce. We are convinced that a skilled, motivated personnel is your best asset.

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