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Maintaining, repairing and renovating boilers all over the world, ALSTOM Power Service is a major actor in the power generation industry, whose equipment is respected around the world. As a full service provider, we give you top-of-the-range systems and unrivalled service.

Our comprehensive service offer caters for numerous boiler products and systems. Products include pulverizers, economizers and boiler pressure parts. Systems include sub and supercritical utility boilers, heating industrial boilers, burner management modules, and waste to energy boilers

ALSTOM’s experts have the know-how to maintain gas, oil, or coal fired power plants, and virtually any application or facility. Our industrial service offer covers boilers for liquid, gaseous and solid fuels, either as steam or hot water generators.

As part of our competitive maintenance solutions, we provide component rebuild services: to avoid the purchase of new equipment, we can disassemble and control your components. Replacement parts are then only supplied when needed.

For increased competitiveness, our constructions services can provide you with performance upgrades, equipment modernization and retrofit, or complete rehabilitation of boilers and environmental equipment. Whether we fit you with a new boiler drum, or with a complete boiler island overhaul, our main objective is to help you get the best out of your installation.

To offer you even more control over your maintenance process, we let you choose the role we play in it. Our Long-Term Service Agreements allow for many different configurations, from traditional component replacement, to complete outage management.

Since we constantly perfect our upgrades solutions and develop our in-house expertise, you will always have an innovative design amelioration to look forward to.

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