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ALSTOM Power Service is a worldwide supplier of materials, engineering, technical and construction services and business solutions for the maintenance, repair, rebuild, rehabilitation and modernization of existing fossil fired boilers.

We service a wide array of boiler products, such as pulverisers, economizers, and boiler pressure parts. We also repair a great variety of equipments, be it burner management modules, heating industrial boilers, waste heat recovery boilers, or sub and supercritical utility boilers.

Our technicians have accumulated vast experience with fossil or non-fossil fuel applications, whether oil, gas, bituminous coal, anthracite, lignite, petcoke, oil refinery waste, industrial by-products and biomass. We are thus able to service gas, oil or coal fired plants, and practically any facility.

As part of our competitive maintenance solutions, we provide component rebuild services: to avoid the purchase of new equipment, we can disassemble and control your components. Replacement parts are then only supplied when needed.

For increased competitiveness, our constructions services can provide you with performance upgrades, equipment modernization and retrofit, or complete rehabilitation of boilers and environmental equipment. Whether we fit you with a new boiler drum, or with a complete boiler island overhaul, our main objective is to help you get the best out of your installation.

To give our customers even more flexibility, we offer individual Long-Term Service Agreements. From simple parts handling to full outage management, our clients can decide on the exact scope of their customized performance contracts.

Always pioneering new original ideas and promoting cutting-edge concepts, like clean coal technology, ALSTOM Power Service stands to help you face the challenges of an increasingly competitive market.

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